Goal 4

FAHR: Imran Al Shamsi, Young Ambition and a Great Success Story

Based on its belief in the importance of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has striven to invest in its human capital and sought hard on developing and enhancing it, ensuring all means that bring it closer to achieving this goal, whether by setting regulations, legislation, policies or initiatives. For years, the Authority has intensified its efforts to achieve the goals and indicators of comprehensive sustainable development, especially those related to enhancing the efficiency of Human Resources, by focusing on innovation and providing excellent education, as it supports its employees, qualifies them and develops their professional capabilities, by attaching them to specialized programs and courses, each according to his interest and directions, so that they can take the initiative, transfer knowledge to their colleagues, and thus achieve the desired benefit at the level of the institution, and the federal government as a whole. Some of them have enrolled in leadership courses at its various levels, as well as innovation, happiness, and artificial intelligence. For example, but not limited to, 10% of the Authority's employees have graduated from professional and specialized diplomas while they are in the job. Over the past few years, the Authority held dozens of workshops and specialized training for its employees. Within the Authority's pursuit; to benefit from artificial intelligence technologies and the outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the use of these technologies in enhancing work, create new solutions, and employ artificial intelligence in all its manifestations in the service of human capital. There are many models for success and excellence in the Authority, and Imran Al Shamsi, Head Department of Development and Maintenance of Government HR Systems, stands as a distinguished example. He is one of most ambitious young employees, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence, where he mostly excelled.