Goal 4

FAHR: Elite- A success story of Professional Certificates Initiative for Federal Government employees

As part of its relentless efforts to develop the national human capital, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), launched, in March 2021, the Professional Certificates Initiative for Federal Government employees "Elite". The initiative reflects the Authority's keenness to contribute to the comprehensive sustainable development, based on building robust and efficient human resources resource, and ensuring excellent education for all Federal Government employees. The "Elite" Initiative is a new success story for the Authority and an important milestone that for the development of Federal Government employees' skills and competencies, by providing them with quality programs leading to professional certificates awarded by leading universities and training providers locally and internationally, provided by institutes locally and internationally, including 20 job families, at preferential rates. The initiative helps in achieving institutional goals, by providing employees with quality training and honing their skills acquired through attending the professional training programs leading to accredited professional certificates, by the best training providers. "Elite" Initiative supports the Authority's efforts and endeavors towards empowering Federal Government employees with specialized certificates, and developing their professional capabilities in all fields, thus achieving the desired benefit at the level of federal entities and the Federal Government as a whole. The initiative is also in line with the UAE Government's aspirations its direction towards shaping the future, and preparing to face the challenges ahead. During March and April, the Authority launched dozens of professional certificates in partnership with the best training providers, covering multiple disciplines, through the initiative page on the Authority's website (www.fahr.gov.ae),, classified by month or by job family.