Goal 5

The ICA organizes a virtual workshop under the title "Impressive Success Story" of an Inspiring Employee

The ICA organized a virtual workshop, during which it hosted Ms. Amani Al Nuaimi, an employee at the Ajman Customer Happiness Center, to highlight her unique experience in facing challenges to achieve her scientific and professional ambitions. Al-Nuaimi reviewed her impressive success story in the challenge of losing her sight since she was young, but her persistence and strength led her to the path of scientific success by obtaining a master's degree in the field of strategy and leadership. Ms. Amani Al Nuaimi, spoke about her first steps in the world of entrepreneurship with a project to produce a distinctive perfume, which achieved her a reputation and a distinguished position as the most sought-after perfume in the market. This event stems from the ICA's belief in the capabilities and competencies of its employees to transform challenges into opportunities for success and brilliant achievements, and to reinforce the vision of the wise leadership that the impossible does not exist in the dictionary of the United Arab Emirates.It also supports the gender balance system as well as the fifth goal (gender equality) of the sustainability goals