Goal 4

HCT To Implement "Hybrid Education" Model for 2020-21 Academic Year

The HCT announced its plan to implement Hybrid Education for the forthcoming 2020-2021 academic year, which will enable HCT students to combine on-campus learning with distance, or remote, learning. This educational model is in alignment with, and complements, the nature and requirements of HCT's academic programs, which combine both theoretical and practical knowledge sharing. Distance learning no longer represents a temporary phase, but rather a new transformation in the UAE's learning process. The implementation of the Hybrid system is as a result of a detailed study of HCT's transformative digital learning initiative during the COVID-19 crisis, which enabled students to successfully complete their academic year. The announcement was also based on a number of factors, including continuous evaluation of students' and faculty performances during the digital learning phase; HCT's institutional technological readiness; and community feedback, obtained from a distance learning e-questionnaire posted on HCT's social media accounts and website. Approximately 45,000 individuals, from a broad cross-section of society, participated in this e-questionnaire, expressing their strong agreement with the continuity of distance learning.