Goal 4

FAHR: The UAE Government writes a new story of success with "Jahiz" for the Future of Government Talents

Being a forward-looking government, which believes in the importance of anticipating the future and getting well prepared for it, the UAE government launched in November 2022 the "Jahiz" initiative for the future of government talents. It aims to write a new story of success, which will be added to many successive achievements in serving the goals of sustainable development, especially those related to providing quality education and ensuring the continuity of learning for federal government employees. The launch of "Jahiz" was a qualitative addition to the United Arab Emirates, which seeks to build and develop the best government in the world. The initiative also marked a real turning point for federal government employees, who can now benefit from the largest digital government platform that enables them to acquire future skills and enhance their readiness for it. The initiative was designed in partnership between the Office of Government Development and the Future and the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, to forge a new model for government work, focusing on raising the levels of readiness of the workforce for the future, and enhancing its participation in implementing leadership visions, by building a future government model, and improving government performance, productivity and efficiency levels. It is one of the major transformational government projects led by the Authority in order to empower the human capital in the federal government, build its future skills, enhance its ability to innovate, and use modern technology, in a way that enhances the performance and competitiveness of the UAE government, and reflects positively on society. "Jahiz" targets all leadership and functional levels and seeks to enable government talents to keep pace with the rapid future changes and requirements of the global labour market, and to understand new topics and emerging areas that will have a significant impact in shaping the future. The initiative covers 4 main sets of future skills, including digital skills, data and artificial intelligence skills, new economy skills, and X10 skills, and includes 20 sub-skills, and more than 90 skill programs. "Jahiz" provides federal government employees with specialized content in both Arabic and English, and provides each employee with his own digital portfolio that encompasses future skills linked to Human Resources Information Management System at the Federal Government "Bayanati".