Goal 16

Implementation of the Smart Towers initiative (2017)

Implementation of the Smart Towers initiative (2017) to monitor traffic, screen wanted vehicles and provide traffic information to motorists. The aim is to reduce deaths by half (from 6 to 3 per 100,000) by 2021. This initiative focuses on developing the road management, operation and monitoring system to improve the efficiency of traffic regulation, reduce traffic accidents and control violators, in addition to face the expected future challenges that may result from high traffic volume and increased number of vehicles by the installation of smart control towers on Roads in all emirates of the UAE, to be linked to these towers operating rooms, working 24/7, in addition to the use of smart technologies used as sensors to monitor the weather in an innovative way to regulate speeds on the roads, and search for wanted and speeding cars continuously. Smart towers are programmed with the latest global technologies to send all the information monitored automatically and immediately to the operating rooms in order to help observers in making urgent and optimal decisions to raise the efficiency of roads and save time and effort on individuals.