Goal 9

ICA develops the electronic link system on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The ICA has developed a project for electronic connectivity infrastructure through the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with the aim of supporting the decision-making process and strategic planning and contributing to achieving electronic and smart transformation in a way that enhances the concept of smart government and achieves government integration. This has been made possible by making data available and sharing it with different entities in line with the regulations, systems, and policies of the ICA. The project seeks to shorten the multiple stages required to accomplish customers services without having to move from one government entity to another. The ICA has been linked with at least 62 local and federal entities across the country with the aim of exchanging the data required to accomplish and shorten customer services. The Unified Digital File project is one of the most prominent projects that falls within the framework of the electronic link, as it was launched following the annual meetings held in November 2019, which aims to update the data acquired from the concerned authorities such as education, work, and address data so as to make available a package of government services data in a proactive way. Among the key services provided by the ICA through the electronic link system is the "Mabrouk Ma Yak" service, which provides five supporting documents in only three steps. There is also the "Basher" service that has been linked with more than 54 entities which provide access to all documents to do E-business within minutes. Having accomplished all of this, the number of steps required now is two, instead of the previous eight which enhance the innovation strategic for our country and Sustainability goals (Goal 9) industry, innovation and infrastructure