Goal 3

FAHR: "Ta'afi" A new success story added to the series of efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 repercussions at the Federal Government

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has made a new breakthrough that is added to the series of its efforts that have been continuing for two years to reduce COVID-19 repercussions at the federal government level. This is represented in the launch of "Ta'afi" (Recovery) Initiative that is concerned with monitoring and following up on the epidemiolocal situation developments at the federal ministries and entities. This Initiative is also responsible for providing accurate and immediate indicators for the relevant decision makers, which enable them to take immediate action that reflect positively on the work environment, and protect the health of employees and their family members as well as customers alike. "Ta'afi" Initiative is considered a success story for the Authority and federal government as a whole towards addressing COVID-19 and undermining its fallout on various business sectors and areas of life. Thus, this reflects the Authority's keenness on achieving inclusive and sustainable development goals, especially those related to providing good healthcare and well-being. The idea of the Initiative is based on linking the outputs of the Al Hosn App with the smart reporting system, which is one of the smart electronic HR Systems under the umbrella of the Human Resources Information Management System at the Federal Government "Bayanati". Such a new Initiative helps the federal entities and their Human Resources Departments to take proper decisions in terms of responding to COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, "Bayanati" System will provide Human Resources Departments with real-time data about staff vaccination rates, ratios of the infected ones and individuals with whom they have come into contact. This System also reminds employees of the date to receive booster doses and improvement measures that should be taken by the entities in light of the epidemiological situation developments. "Ta'afi" Initiative is an information service through which the Authority aims to keep ministries and federal entities fully informed of the developments of Covid-19 at such entities, and support them with regard to decision-making and proactive precautionary measures, according to the real-time health data, which is derived from the smart reporting system on the "Bayanati" system from Al Hosn app. In the realization of this project, the Authority has partnered with the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority NCEMA and Ministry of Health and Prevention. In so doing, it is considered one of the vital strategic projects on which the UAE Government relies to achieve the substantial community recovery, and continue such a fascinating progress made by the State at the pandemic file management level.