Goal 5

Eve Committee

Established in TRA in 2015 , and consisted of the female TRA employees. The committee aims to highlight the women role in the work environment in terms of their achievements and the vital role they play. Eve committee's work focuses on three main pillars: • Developing plans and agreements related to women's affairs in TRA • Empowering and developing leadership, professional and managerial capabilities of women in TRA • Enhancing the status and role of women in the community at the social, cultural and sports levels. The committee aims to achieve its goal through the following: • Preparing awareness programs on the role of women in the cultural, social and sports fields. • Organizing seminars and courses in various fields related to women's work. • Organizing and preparing programs to activate participation in celebrations and events related to women's work. • Establishing rapid communication channels with local or international organizations or associations to exchange information and experiences. • Providing assistance and support to TRA female employees • Addressing requirements of TRA female employees to develop their professional, cultural and social needs.