Goal 16

FAHR wins Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award

Excellence has always been and remains the desired goal for every organization and every employee over time, through which performance is improved, development and strategic goals set are achieved. In short, excellence is essential in in achieving sustainable development goals. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has been a major player in the race for excellence, and its efforts culminated in winning Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award in its sixth session. It is an honour bestowed on the Authority by the UAE's leadership that it won two categories at the level of the Federal Government, namely Leading Federal Entity - less than 500 employees, and the Best Federal Entity in Data and Knowledge Management. The Authority's chances were great, after being shortlisted to win four sub-categories: The Leading Federal Entity; the Best Federal Entity in Data and Knowledge Management; the Best Entity in Quality of Life at Work and the Best Entity in Partnership and Integration. In addition, two of the Authority's employees also emerged winners: Salwa Abdalla was rewarded with the Prime Minister's Medal as the Best Innovator, and Amna Darwish Al-Raisi, a medal in Customer Happiness category. There is no doubt that the prestigious Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award, is a milestone in the UAE's endeavors to achieve leadership, excellence and creativity, and winning it requires hard work, perseverance and diligence, given its importance, as it serves the country's aspirations and its visions for the next fifty years. The Authority's deserved win came as recognition for its efforts over the years, as it worked with dynamism, diligence, and determination, across all departments, to lay the foundation for the beginning of a new phase of hard work, innovation and leadership, to serve the country. This achievement will support HR policies, legislation and systems in place, for the purpose of developing the HR capital and empowering talented people in the Federal Government. However, it would not have been achieved without the grace of God, and the cooperation of the ministries and federal entities, the Authority's strategic partners, and the efforts of the employees who worked with determination as one team, to enhance the Authority's position as a distinct entity, and to reflect a bright image of it at all levels.