Goal 1

FAHR recognizes Nada Al Ali pioneering role in volunteering

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), and since its inception, believes in the social responsibility of institutions, and is keen to achieve the goals and indicators of comprehensive sustainable development, especially those concerned with (No Poverty), and works hard to achieve this, through its creative initiatives and projects, and encourages its employees to achieve this in all possible ways, individually and collectively. From here, the Authority is always striving for everything that would enhance this trend among federal government employees in general, and its employees in particular, as it launched initiatives and enacted policies that instill the passion of volunteering among employees, including (the guiding guide for volunteering in the federal government, the allocation of category within the federal rewards and incentives system, for volunteer or community employee); This is based on its firm conviction of the importance of social responsibility for individuals and institutions alike, and the impact of volunteering in achieving comprehensive sustainable development. Out of this keenness to achieve sustainable development indicators, FAHR motivates its employees to volunteer in all its forms, and commends their efforts with continuous honoring and motivation, which helped create youth models that are an initiative towards others, given with love and generosity, believing in the importance of solidarity in building nations and achieving more growth and prosperity. One of the most promising UAE National youth models that have made a mark on volunteering and humanitarian work, is the employee Nada Al Ali, a Project Manager at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, who is considered a good role model for her peers in providing aid and assistance to the needy. Since her early childhood, she has been passionate about volunteering. Not only that, but she has gone beyond being just a volunteer in the field with specialized charitable organizations, to go much further: she has launched and organized charitable and humanitarian initiatives of her own, her family and friends on certain occasions. The young woman, Nada, recently became a star among the volunteer teams that help families affected by floods and rains, by providing them with their necessary needs of shelter, food, clothing, medicine and other supplies, specifically in the eastern region of the Emirate of Sharjah, in coordination with the competent government entities. "Under the current volatile weather conditions and the accompanying torrential rains that affected hundreds of families, I found myself motivated to serve my homeland by volunteering in humanitarian aid, for more than 15 years. I eventually joined Sharjah Volunteer Center team", says Nada. She adds: "Even though this was not my first experience in volunteering, it was completely different, as we had to face an urgent need for aid to overcome a devastating crisis in light of a real crisis, affecting all age groups, and social classes. How difficult it is to find yourself overnight without a home, losing everything to face an unknown fate". Nada's voluntary record is so rich, as she described it. Over the past years, she has volunteered in teams: Emirati Crescent, Dubai Cares, Sharjah Charity Association, Expo 2020 Dubai, and Sharjah Volunteer Center. She also had personal humanitarian initiatives, and others with friends. In the month of Ramadan, for example, she distributes Ramadan baskets, jointly with her family members and friends, and launched an initiative to provide about 150 mobile devices during COVID-19 epidemic, to help needy students complete their studies remotely, also with the participation of family members and friends.